Interviewed by “GöteborgDirekt”

Glad I gained the first page of the newspaper Göteborgdirekt with an interview about my project leading work at the Askims bibliotek Library!…/reprbt!pf7VU0teIAS7NJOOQ1N…/


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Honorary member of “Dignity No Profit People”

Some of you may know that my biggest success as a directress is a short documentary called “Dignity” which I filmed in Mozambique 3 years ago. It is about some girls that lived in an orphanage and it affected me deeply. Travelling to Africa and film these girls was by no means a directing experience for me but just the first sparkle of a longlasting cooperation with a project that actually changed from what it was to become something new and different. Dignity film turned into Dignity No Profit People because Emanuela Bonavolta and I realized that these girls were growing up and needed something more than security and education. They needed inspiration to develop into what they wanted to be, and they they need our economical support to reach their goals. So much has happened since then, the organization has supported them in many ways and so many more challenging projects are ahead of us. Therefore, I feel extremely glad and honored to receive this honorary membership today. Thank you.

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“Cowboy song” at the Premio Internacional de Cine de Montaña

Happy that my favorite video, “Cowboy Song” by Daniel Karlsson Trio continues its path thru film festivals, after such a long time!

This time it was the Premio Internacional de Cine de Montaña in Alicante, Spain.

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“Midsommar” on Drakteve

Today I am starting a new cooperation with a new exciting short film channel, Drakteve, that decided to host my first short “Midsommar”, one of the best shorts I did, featuring also the popstar Andrea Chimenti.
So it is now available on fb, enjoy!

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My showreel!

Finally ready – thanks to super Cinzia Bolognini, my favorite editor – with my showreel, enjoy!

Showreel Monica Mazzitelli from Monica Mazzitelli on Vimeo.

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“Dignity” wins at the Blue Danube!

I made it! So glad I won at the Blue Danube Film Festival! So this is award number 11 :)

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Back to the Lecce Film Fest, this year as a jury member!

This year I will be again present to my beloved Lecce Film Festival, somehow!

I do not have any new short film to compete with but I am there anyway (albeit only virtually) since I am one of the members of the jury! I have to admit that it has been a lovely and enriching experience even though I must also say that it is really difficult to “judge” someone else’s work.

I hope you can be there, from the 7th to the 10th of December!

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“Dignity” back to New Jersey!

Last April Dignity was screened by an amazing film festival in the United States, the “Women In The World” – Women In Media – Newark’s 2017 Women’s History Month Film Festival.

A few days ago the festival directress got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to authorize her to screen “Dignity” during their  16 days of Activism to eliminate Gender-Based Violence initiatives, explaining that my documentary had been among those that had received most appreciation by the audience because “it clearly illustrates the importance of education and hope when facing tremendous odds. We congratulate you for sharing this compelling story with film goers throughout the world, and look forward to screening more of your work with our audiences.”

So do not miss it! East Orange Public Library Monday 4 December at 6:00 PM.

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New review about “To Die Free”!

I know it makes little sense to post a review in Italian in this site, but I could not resist the tempation of at least show the incredible beauty of this image that was painted by the same person who wrote this piece: Eliana Como.
Her review was recently published by the web paper Popoff quotidiano.

I am speechless because she really understood what I meant with Michelina Di Cesare and why she is so important to me.

And this picture really reveals it!

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May the force be with you. And power with us.

With this new piece I inaugurate a collaboration with the precious blog Le Donne Visibili (The Visible Women): from now on I am their “fourth official editor”! I start it with something about women empowerment dedicated to the Swedish #metoo.

For many women feminism means in some way denying a gender diversity perspective, as if it stood for some kind of weakness; some women tend to categorize themselves using a masculine measurement and this was important when patriarchal culture was holding its professional doors shut to women. The situation is slightly changing and here in Sweden, for example, the number of women working as plumbers or electricians is increasing, and you can see these sometimes tiny but very cool Lisbeth Salanders going around with a piercing and a hammer. Read more

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