Twentieth festival selection for “The Coltrane Code”

Little by little, my beloved “Coltrane” also obtains some nice results! Selected for the 20th festival, this time The Movie Park Action&Adventure Film Festival.

Fingers crossed!

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New video: “The Ultimate Independent” by Anywhen

I have just completed a new video I shot for one of my favorite indie bands of all times, Anywhen, led by the musician Thomas FeinerDavid Sylvian loved their third (and last) album, ["The Opiates" (2001)] so much that he decided to rerelease and distribute it -seven years after the first release- for his label Samadhisound. The rerelease included two new songs (on of them the magnificent Yonderhead) and it made this great musician famous abroad. “The Opiates” is still his most popular work, but the first two albums are also very enjoyable even though they sound more like britpop. I decided to have a fun go with The Ultimate Independent, a track from the second album (simply titled “Anywhen”) for which Feiner wrote lyrics I really like: teen and naïve but also full of incorruptible strength and unwillingness to compromise. As actors, I chose two young sisters (Mimi and Agnes Bergquist) and the band’s bassist, Mikael Moiner (Mikael Andersson at the time) that -for this song only- “stole” the role of lead singer from Feiner in the chorus. Peter Hernqvist, Lotta Eldh and Ralf Markenstrand also had some fun with us along the way. This album was released in Sweden in 1996, and in Europe in 1997, so it’s twenty years now! Read more

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“The Coltrane Code” at the Fi Pi Li Horror Festival


I would never ever thought that I would some day directed something that would compete in a horror film festival, but here you go!

On Tuesday 25th of April, beginning at 2 pm, screening at the Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie in my beloved Leghorn!

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“Dignity” nominated at the Moving Pictures Festival

Another last minute selection for “Dignity” that is nominated again! I am SO happy!

At the end of march we will se how it goes for it at the Belgian Moving Pictures Film Festival of Kalmthout!

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“Dignity” competing at the Female Filmmakers Audience Awards

Despite the fact that Dignity has already been competing for over one year and a half, it still happens that it is selected for a festival!

This time is the Audience Awards, and if you would like to vote for it, you can scroll down and find it on this page, thank you!

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March 8, 2017 – Watch your tongue: that bitch ain’t dirty.

Sitting in the row in front of me a handsome man in his forties. Fingers tattooed with black letters, silver rings on each, bracelets and dark earrings, leather wrist band, clear blue eyes under golden lashes, hair shaved at the sides and a long ponytail of blond and curly hair that almost reaches his butt, short boots, black jeans and a gray jacket with a dark shirt underneath. And a clerical collar. His name is Markus, he is a street priest: his assigned parish is the streets, at night, and his mission is to help the underprivileged and the exploited. Especially prostitutes. In Sweden, the Protestant Church often works like this, hands on in the dirt, like Christ with the lepers.
Read more

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Who’s Afraid of Sweden?

Sweden has recently been in the news after Donald Trump referred to as fact a Fox News report based on the statements of a certain Nils Bildt, a Swedish mythomaniac who passed off as news the usual anti-immigration and anti-Islam propaganda spread by the “Sverigedemokraterna” (Swedish Democrats) party, a nationalist-inspired political faction founded by some neo-Nazi groups.
The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to reply by publishing a significant and exhaustive press release in English, “Facts about migration and crime in Sweden,” which demolishes some of the most widespread false opinions/news currently circulating, based on facts and statistics extracted through official channels, primarily Police Force data.
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“Midsommar” at the UK Screen One Film Festival!

You know this by now: for many reasons, I hold this short film very very close to my heart. This is why I still send it to some selected festivals, like the UK Screen One film Festival. And I am really elated when is goes to a final like in this case!

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Video invitation to “Dignity” screening!

Anyone in Newark for the Women in Media film festival on April 6? :)
If you are, check out my video invitation for the screening of my film “Dignity”!

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… and “Cowboy Song” is selected again!!

Well well, life is really funny sometimes! All of a sudden, in the span of only one week, right when the Daniel Karlsson Trio is in Italy for a tour that I have organized, the “Cowboy Song” video is selected for the thrid time!!

This so just sooo amusing! Let’s hope it goes well at the Sochi Film Festival in Russia!

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