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New selection for “Cowboy Song”!

5 febbraio 2017

17-02 laurel

This is a real funny coincidence! Right when I am managing a tour all over Italy for the Daniel Karlsson Trio, the first video I made for the band three years ago gets selected for two festival within a few days!

This time it is the turn of the World Wide Virtual Film Festival!

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“Cowboy Song” selected by the Paris Music Video Underground Festival

1 febbraio 2017

I can’t really find the right words to tell how elated I am that my video for “Cowboy Song” by Daniel Karlsson Trio is competing at this festival!!

I dote on this work, it costed me an incredible amount of painful effort, with shooting problems that compete with Coppola’s on Apocalypse Now… but I survived, and now this small recognition warms my heart :)

Some more infos about my cooperation with Karlsson can be found on this subsite, and you can watch the video (again? :) ) here:

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Our third baby: “Mrs Mermaid”!

2 settembre 2014

My latest (but not last!) video for the great Swedish pianist Daniel Karlsson, this time for his track Mrs Mermaid, again from the majestic album Fusion for Fish, for me the best 2014 album (you can read my review here). We are very happy and proud about it, it’s taken quite some time to shoot and edit, with three different locations, two in Italy (Agordo and Venice) and one in Stockholm -to catch Andreas Hourdakis- but we’re thru! Its long filming story is already told in detail here.
The BIG surprise came from the fact that this video was selected by a Swedish organization within music industry called IFPI to be hosted in Stockholm during the musical video kick-off for the coming season. It is a HUGE honor for me to have been picked, and I am very happy for Daniel Karlsson because it is a real rarity for jazz music to be selected for this presentation.
He really deserves all this, and much much more.
I am delighted by this recognition and also by the fast success this video is obtaining, not only for me and the musicians, but also for everyone that passionately contributed to this work with contagious enthusiasm, above all my friend and sister Andreina Costa, who won all her understandable inhibitions to act as a half-naked mermaid in a tourists-packed Venice. And my thanks also to Giulia Fazzi, another true sister, whom I forgot to mention in the credits.. boooo on me…. but she is in the written credits below the video. She has apparently forgiven me, though!
It was also great to work for the first time with Luca Zambolin, who is the DoP of the Venice shots. I really look forward to working with him again soon.
Thanks to all! [

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The second video, to film the third! Making of “Cousin Cousine”

18 giugno 2014

So what happened was: at the time we filmed Cowboy Song I had made a very huge investment to this project, the boys had come all the way from Sweden, I had travelled myself up north with DoP Sergio Grillo (from Apulia), and it had been a hell to put together all the needed bits of the puzzle: locations, instruments, partners, filming materials, you name it: I had build a situation that was really expensive and also difficult to obtain again, so I thought I would make the best use of it. We were having a lovely location in a old copper mine (a factory called “Forni Fusori”), for a whole day, with a hired piano (taking the piano there had implied DAYS of planning and coordination!), a double bass and drums, so I decided to shoot something more than just one small scene for “Cowboy Song”, but add more. [Read more →]

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20 aprile 2014

As I had anticipated, and possibly attracted, if the “Law of Attraction” rings any bell to any of you, the shooting week implied a number of unforeseen problems that I could not have imagined in my wildest imagination. In fact, everything went much worse, and I still wonder at how I managed to keep relatively calm and patient :)
But again, life was calling for new horizons and experiences that would enable me to measure my strenght, and I could only go along with it, swim into the tide.
But at last, here it is, the newborn baby, and I am so pround of it!

And the best news is.. there is more to come!!

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Some thoughts , before we start

8 febbraio 2014

Everything seems to conspire against me, for next week.
The plan is to go to the mountains to shoot the video for “Cowboy Song”. a beautiful piece composed and played by my favorite jazz pianist, but almost all things give problems, dozens of problems, small or huge. As soon as I solve one, another one breaks in. As if I were not going to be able to shoot what I have been working on for the last two months. So I wonder ,with a dash of excitement and curiosity, where is this all leading me to? Which unexpected doors will these difficulties open wide, which opportunities? What liberation will they bring, how much old will I get rid of, how much new will enter? Will I see the design or not? Shall I make my own new design?
Be resilient to all this. Yes. Difficulties as opportunities. Experience, new creation, new dream.

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